Transfer from Santos Dumont (SDU) Airport to Cabo Frio

Santos Dumont SDU to Cabo Frio Transfer


Regular shuttle vans and private vehicle transfers are your best way to get between the Santos Dumont (SDU) airport and Cabo Frio.

 For the regular shuttle transfers, you are given a meeting point inside the Santos Dumont airport where you will be collected to join a shared transfer which first stops at the International airport before you continue to São Pedro da Aldeia where a support car is waiting to take you to your Cabo Frio hotel or AIRBNB.

On average the drive from SDU to Cabo Frio is 3.5 hours, but high levels of traffic are known to delay this during peak times.

Regular Shared Transfers

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Currency in Brazilian Reals

  • 2 Daily Departures
  • Airport Meeting Point
  • 4 Hours Average

Private Car / Van Transfer

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Currency in Brazilian Reals

  • Choose your own departure
  • Airport Reception
  • 3 Hours Average

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