Buses from São Paulo to Paraty

The São Paulo to Paraty bus route is a popular one, and it is best to book this bus in advance if you can. There is one company with a monopoly on the route, and although it runs a few times a day, seats tend to full up.  There are also daily transfers from São Paulo to Paraty, which also make pick ups from the Guarulhos International airport.

Often travelers make there way from São Paulo to Paraty to enjoy a couple of days in the historic coastal town, before moving onto the island of Ilha Grande or direct to Rio de Janeiro.


The bus ride between São Paulo to Paraty takes approximately 6 hours. The trip starts with a couple of hours on the nice highway between São Paulo and Rio but then turns off to wind its way down to sea level, before winding around the coastline to Paraty.  We recommend getting a seat on the right side of the bus for better coastal views.


Bus Companies

The only company to offer bus passage between São Paulo and Paraty is Reunidas Paulistas Bus Company, and their buses depart from the Terminal Rodoviário Tietê (Sao Paulo's main bus terminal), arriving at the Terminal Rodoviário Vereador Agílio Ramos (Paraty's main bus terminal)


Classes of buses used on this route are:


  • Convencional - Semi-bed half recline


Remember to arrive at the Tiete Terminal at least 40 minutes before the scheduled departure because you will need to redeem your ticket at the Reunidas Paulista Ticket Desk, and there they will also tell you which is the platform of the enormous Tiete bus terminal you need to go to get the bus.  The buses are equiped with onboad bathroom, and typically they make stops twice along the way at places you can purchase something to drink and eat. Also, take a coat or jacket with you as the air conditioning is usually very strong. 



Daily Transfers from São Paulo City to Paraty


There are two departure times for transfers that depart from the Blue Tree Tower Hotel in downtown Sao paulo to Paraty per day, but these only depart with a minimum of 2 people. You meet at the hotel and the van collects you in the morning at 08:30 am, and also in the afternoon at 14:40 pm.  Generally, the trip takes 5 hours if not caught in Sao Paulo's notorius traffic while exiting the city.   There is a button below which will take you to a page you can make your booking.


Transfers from Guarulhos Airport (GRU) to Paraty


If arriving earlier than 14:30 pm, you have the convenient option of being picked up from the Guarulhos airport and driven directly to Paraty.  From a meeting point in one of the airport cafes, the driver comes to collect you firstly for the morning departure around 09:30 am, and then the afternoon departure at 15:30pm.  If arriving later in the day, you can either stay overnight in a nearby hotel and take the transfer the next morning or make your way to the downtown Tiete Terminal to get a night bus to Paraty.


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Origin City = São Paulo - SP (TODOS)

Destination City = Paraty - RJ

Frequently Asked Questions


How long is the bus trip from São Paulo de Janeiro to Paraty?

The bus takes 5:40 to 6 hours on average to travel to Paraty.  Although Paraty is only 300 km (180 miles) from São Paulo, traffic can cause delays as you exit the city.


Where does the bus from São Paulo to Paraty depart from?

All the buses that do this route depart from the main station in São Paulo, the Tietê Bus terminal. Read about how to get there and what facilities are available in the terminal on our Tietê guide.  If you contract a transfer to take you to Paraty, you can actually be picked up from your downtown São Paulo. For the airport shuttle from Guarulhos, you can be met when your flight arrives by a representative who will escort you to the van. 



Which terminal does the bus from São Paulo arrive in Paraty?

All buses arrive at the main Paraty bus station which is located in a central area of the town. You can get more information from our guide to the Paraty Rodoviaria Terminal.  If taking a transfer from São Paulo you will be dropped off at accessible hotels and Airbn'ss located in Paraty town or Jabaquara.  


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