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Located 250 km from Rio de Janeiro and 303 km from São Paulo, the municipality of Paraty is situated on the Green Coast of Rio de Janeiro state. Up until the 1980s, Paraty was only accessible by sea, but with the opening of the Rio-Santos highway (BR-101), Paraty has become a fantastic touristic center.

There are buses that depart regularly to Paraty from the bus terminal, or you can also take a transfer service which picks up from your hotel or apartment or even a service that collect you directly from the Rio airport. Read on for info about the three options:

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Origin City = Rio de Janeiro - RJ (TODOS)

Destination City = Paraty - RJ


Take a bus from Novo Rio Bus Station

From the Novo Rio Bus Station in Rio de Janeiro, the company Costa Verde offers buses departing from Rio to Paraty at regular intervals throughout the day with the first departure at 4:00am, and last at 21:00pm. The Costa Verde ticket office is located on the bottom floor of the terminal, and they accept credit cards for ticket purchases. Seating is allocated and when purchasing your ticket you can choose from the empty seats on the computer screen which the attendant will show you. We recommend you choose a seat on the left side of the bus because that is the side with the best views of the coast. 

The buses depart from the platforms which are located left of the ticket office and you will receive a paper ticket which you show to the driver on the buses arrival. If you have large pieces of luggage the driver will put them in the baggage compartment under the bus and give you a small receipt.

The travel time is 4.5 hours with some trips taking 5 hours due to extra stops along the way, so check the bus companies website for information on which are the faster bus departure times. The trip starts off on straight highways for an hour and a half, but as you hit the coast the road snakes a lot. The bus usually enters the city of Angra dos Reis which is halfway, to drop off and pick up more passengers.

The buses are quite modern with a comfortable recline, sometimes the air conditioning runs too cold so take something to cover yourself with just in case. There is an onboard lavatory and the bus usually stops twice during the trip at locations you can use the bathroom facilities and also grab drinks and snacks. On arrival at Paraty, you will need to produce your baggage receipt to collect your luggage. 

Airport Transfer to Paraty

If you are arriving at the GIG International airport you can pre-book a service which will collect you from your flight and put you on a shared van transfer to Paraty.

The first transfer is at 09:30 am and last departs around 20:00 am. In between these hours you will be met on arrival and put into the next van departing for Paraty. These transfers do stop at hotels in towns along the highway to Paraty as well. You will be dropped off at your accommodation in Paraty if within the city limits or in Jabaquara.

For more information about this you can click here:

Shuttle Van from Rio International Airport to Paraty


Transfer from Rio City to Paraty

There is also a service that picks up from your accommodation in Rio city and will drop you off at your accommodation in Paraty. There are 3 departures per day and the van picks up from many of the neighborhoods in Paraty and drops off at your accommodation in Paraty. This service will stop on the way to drop people off at the docks where they take a boat to Ilha Grande, and here you change vans and then continue on to Paraty. For more information click here

Transfer from Rio to Paraty
Rio de Janeiro to Paraty Bus

Frequently Asked Questions


How long is the bus trip?

The bus trip from Rio de Janeiro to Paraty takes 4.5 to 5 hours on average.  Although Paraty is only 250 km (150 miles) from Rio, the road winds around the coastal road and stops frequently. Traffic can cause delays as you exit Rio, and also enter Angra dos reis on the way to Paraty.


What is the best way to get from Rio to Paraty?

The buses are large and comfortable with onboard WC, and they have regular departures throughout the day and night.  Buses are a good way to get between the 2 locations, but you do have to make your way to Rio's bus terminal and then to your accommodation in Paraty once you reach the Paraty terminal. Transfers are recommended for their door to door service. If you need to get to Paraty from the airport, then the regular shuttle from GIG airport is best.


Are there direct buses from the Rio de Janeiro airport to Paraty?

No, there are no buses that pass Rio's international or domestic airports which will take you to Paraty.  But there are regular shuttles which travel between the airports and Paraty which drop you off at your hotel.  For more information see the Airport Transfer to Paraty section on this page.


Where does the bus depart from?

The bus from Rio to Paraty departs from Rodovia Rio Novo the city's main bus station and it is located downtown.  Read about how to get there and what facilities are available in the terminal on our Rio Novo guide.  If you contract a transfer to take you to Paraty, you can actually be picked up from your hotel or Airbnb in many areas of Rio de Janeiro.  For the airport shuttle, you can be met when your flight arrives by a representative who will escort you to the van. 



Which terminal does the bus arrive?

All buses from Rio to Paraty arrive at the main Paraty bus station which is located in a central area of the town. You can get more information from our guide to the Paraty Rodoviaria Terminal.  If taking a transfer from Rio you will be dropped off at accessible hotels and Airbn'ss located in Paraty town or Jabaquara.  



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