Buses from Florianópolis to Buenos Aires

There are two ways to travel from Florianopolis to Buenos Aires, you can either take a direct bus or travel to Foz do Iguazu, cross the border and change bus in Puerto Iguazu.


Florianopolis to Buenos Aires Direct Bus


There is only one bus company running the direct bus from Florianopolis to Buenos Aires and it runs only once a day at 10:15. The bus ride takes approximately 25 hours and leaves from the Rita Maria Bus Station (Florianopolis main bus terminal), arriving at Terminal Retiro (Buenos Aires main bus terminal):



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Origin City = Florianópolis - SC (TODOS)

Destination City = Buenos Aires - ARG

The class of buses used on this route is:


  • Convencional - Semi-bed half recline


To purchase a ticket online directly you may need a CPF number which is like a Brazilian Tax File number.



Florianópolis to Buenos Aires via Foz do Iguaçu


The Florianópolis to Foz do Iguaçu bus route runs regularly four times a day and takes approximately 15 hours and the two companies offering the direct route depart from Rodoviária de Florianópolis (Florianópolis's main bus terminal), arriving at Rodoviaria Internacional de Foz do Iguaçu (Foz's main bus terminal):


  • Pluma (http://www.pluma.com.br/)

  • Catarinense (http://www.catarinense.net/)


Classes of buses used on this route are:


  • Leito - almost full recline

  • Convencional - Semi-bed half recline


Once in Foz do Iguacu, there are many buses to the argentinian side, look for the buses which say TTU which will take you downtown and terminate at the domestic terminal called Terminal Transporte Urbano. Once there exit the terminal and just outside you can catch the local International bus which is signed: Puerto Iguazu Argentina.


Once on the bus remind the drivers you need to get off at the Brazilian border to stamp out of Brazil otherwise they might not stop. The bus will not wait for you, but the driver will give you a ticket to catch the next bus. Important to note that there are two companies who do this route and the ticket they give you is only valid for the same company so note the name on the bus you just got off.


The average waiting time for the next bus is 40 minutes, and you need to get off again to do the Argentine border procedures. This time the bus will wait a few minutes for you if there are no queues at immigration, and then continue to the Puerto Iguazu bus terminal.


There are 6 companies running the Puerto Iguazu to Buenos Aires bus route everyday in between 11:30 and 19:15.


The bus ride takes approximately 18 hours. The company offering the Puerto Iguazu to Buenos Aires direct route depart from Terminal de Puerto Iguazu (Puerto Iguazu main bus terminal), arriving at Terminal Retiro (Buenos Aires main bus terminal):


  • Cruzero del Norte (http://www.crucerodelnorte.com.ar/)

  • Tigre Iguazu (http://www.tigreiguazu.com.ar/)

  • El Rapido Argentino (http://www.rapido-argentino.com/)

  • Vía Bariloche (http://www.viabariloche.com.ar/)

  • Expreso Singer (http://expresosinger.com.ar/)

  • Rio Uruguay (http://www.riouruguaybus.com.ar/)


The class of buses used on this route is:


  • Semi Cama - Semi-bed half recline

  • Cama - full recline bed


The majority of travel is done on a highway and there is little that is remarkable on the road. Since the two cities are very different, the most interesting scenery occurs when departing or approaching each area.


Remember to arrive to the Puerto Iguazu Terminal at least 40 minutes before the scheduled departure because you will need to redeem your ticket at the Ticket Desk of your chosen company;  there they will also tell you which is the boarding platform for this particular trip.


Frequently Asked Questions


How long is the bus trip from Florianópolis to Buenos Aires?

The direct bus ride from Florianópolis to Buenos Aires takes approximately 25 hours. The alternative would be to go from Florianópolis to Foz do Iguaçu (15 hours), cross the border to Puerto Iguazu in Argentina and then take another bus from Foz do Iguaçu to Buenos Aires (18 hours).


Where does the bus from from Florianópolis to Buenos Aires depart from?

The bus departs from Rita Maria bus station in Florianópolis (Florianópolis main bus terminal) located on Avenida Paulo Fontes 1101, in the downtown area


Which terminal does the bus from Florianópolis arrive in Buenos Aires?

The bus from Florianópolis to Buenos Aires arrives at Terminal de Retiro (Buenos Aires's main bus Station)

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