Buses from Buzios to Ilha Grande

If you are in Buzios and want to visit the island of Ilha Grande, you’ll have to access it via a boat departing from one of the following locations: Angra dos Reis, Mangaratiba or Conceição de Jacareí.

You can go to Ilha Grande by two local buses and public ferry or take a daily transfer. Taking local transport involves a bus ride from Buzios to Rio,  and one to one of the above-mentioned towns, then making your way to the docks before crossing to the island by ferry. By taking one of the daily transfer vans you can be picked up from your accommodation in Buzios and driven to your included boat for the trip to the island.  


Both mentioned options arrive on the island at the township of Vila do Abraão, where most people opt to stay because it is the only real populated town which hosts most of the accommodation, dining and entertainment facilities. There are also taxi boats to take you to the other parts of Ilha Grande.


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Origin City = Armação dos Búzios - RJ (TODOS)

Destination City = 


Buzios to Rio de Janeiro by Bus & Ferry


The bus ride from Buzios to Rio de Janeiro takes approximately 3 hours. The company offering the direct route is autoviação1001 and departs from Terminal Rodoviário de Buzios (Buzios bus terminal), arriving at Rodoviaria Novo Rio (Rio de Janeiro's main bus terminal)


The class of buses used on this route is:


  • Convencional - Semi-bed half recline


The bus company Costa Verde covers the bus route from Rio de Janeiro to Mangaratiba, Conceição de Jacareí, and Angra dos Reis, and departs from the Terminal Rodoviário Novo Rio. Their buses are modern, equipped with onboard lavatories and depart every day from 07:00 am until 21:00pm, but you would want to travel earlier in the day to make sure you can get one of the boats


Remember to arrive at the Buzios bus terminal at least 40 minutes before the scheduled departure because you will need to redeem your ticket at the Ticket Desk of your chosen company;  there they will also tell you which is the boarding platform for this particular trip. We suggest you take something to drink and eat since there are no snacks or drinks on board and some of the buses won’t stop at all. Also, take a coat or jacket with you as the air conditioning is usually very strong. 


How do you get from Rio to Ilha Grande via Mangaratiba?

Mangaratiba is the closest departure point for boats to Ilha Grande and buses take around 2.5 - 3 hours from Rio, but at the same time, it offers the least frequent departures and a long crossing time. The bus company Costa Verde has about 4 departures a day to the town of Mangaratiba, but all of the buses to Angra dos Reis can drop you by the side of the road as they pass the town (remember to tell the bus driver). Either way, you will need to make your own way to the docks. 


Best reported connection for this route is to take the 5:00 am bus from Rio to get the 08:00 am regular boat service to the island, making it the best way to get there early in the day. The trip takes 1 hour and 45 minutes from Magaratiba (23Km) and for more information about the boat, you can call Saveiro Desirre Ph#: (24) 3370-5584.


How do you get from Rio to Ilha Grande via Conceicao de Jacarei?

To reach Conceicao de Jacarei the bus journey from Rio takes around  3.5 - 4 hours and you can take the Costa Verde bus from the Novo Rio Terminal.  Remember that you will be required to tell the bus driver that you need to get off at Conceicao de Jacarei and they will stop at the side of the road as the bus passes through the town at KM 455 of the Rio-Santos highway (its also a good idea to remind the driver again during the comfort stops to make sure they remember to stop there for you). 


From the road, it's about a 15-minute walk from where the bus drops you to the beach in front of the town. Once you hit the beach walk all the way to the left to find the departure dock. Conceicao de Jacarei also has the advantage of being the closest point from the mainland to Ilha Grande with a crossing time of 40 minutes to an hour, plus it has the most regular departures out of the three towns due to its close proximity. 


For anyone suffering from seasickness, this problem will be minimized by making the crossing here. The wooden vessel Saveiro Andréa departs from Conceição de Jacareí to Abraão (Ilha Grande), and is done in 50 minutes. The ticket costs R$ 15.00 per person (Monday to Friday) / Saturdays, Sundays and holidays R$ 20.00 per person. Saveiro Andréa Ph#: (21) 9744-0732. 


Daily Transfer from Buzios to Ilha Grande

The Green Toad can reserve you a 10 seater van which will drop-off at docks where you will change for a boat heading to Vila Abraao on Ilha Grande.


There is 1 daily transfer from Buzios to Ilha Grande that make pick-ups from Pousadas, hotels, and hostels all over the Armacao dos Buzios peninsular. The first vehicle will travel from Buzios to the GIG airport, where you will meet another vehicle at the departure point before continuing to the docks where you will change for a boat heading to Ilha Grande.


For more information about the transfer go to this link:  Ilha Grande Transfers







Frequently Asked Questions


How long is the bus trip from Buzios to Ilha Grande?

Going from Buzios to Ilha Grande using public transport might be pretty complicated and time-consuming. First, you need to take a bus from Buzios to Rio de Janeiro (approximately 3 hours), then another bus from Rio to either Angra dos Reis, Mangaratiba or Conceição do Jacareí (another 3 hours) and spend the night there and catch the ferry or catamaran to Ilha Grande, you might be able to do it in one day provided you arrive in time for the once a day boat. The Ferryjourney will take almost 2 hours and the catamarán about 45 minutes. If you want to save time it would be advisable to get a private shuttle from Buzios to Ilha Grande (that would include the van/car ride and connecting boat trip).


Where does the bus from Buzios to Ilha Grande depart from?

You can take the bus from Buzios to Rio de Janeiro (first leg of the Buzios to Ilah Grande trip) from Terminal Rodoviário de Buzios (Buzios bus terminal) located at Rua Vinte e Dois, 2-210 - Village de Búzios, Búzios - RJ, 28950-000



Which terminal does the bus from Buzios arrive in Ilha Grande?

The bus ride from Buzios to Rio de Janeiro first leg of the Buzios to Ilah Grande trip) arrives at Rodoviaria Internacional Novo Rio (Rio de Janeiro's main bus terminal)


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